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17th Annual Retrospective Facilitators Gathering

When: April 9th-13th, 2018

Where: Noordwijk in The Netherlands

Hotel Zonne

Google map

Venue information:

  • Reception and restaurant are on the “ground floor”.
  • The ground floor is accessible by stairs from the street level, see image of hotel entrance
  • The meeting rooms are in the basement which is one level down from the ground floor by stairs.
  • You can also access the basement directly from the street level, via a door at the right side of the hotel.
  • Alternatively you can go from the ground floor to the basement by using the hotel entrance and stairs to go to the street level and then walk to the side of the hotel to enter the basement.
  • Bedrooms are available at all levels except basement. A total of 27 bedrooms. If enough people sign up then we will be the only guests and have the whole hotel for our event.
  • There are three bedrooms on the ground floor which are reserved for persons with mobility problems. Contact Ben Linders before booking your room if you would like to have one of these rooms.
  • There is a way to go past the hotel, left and/or right, and enter the hotel at the back side on ground floor level.
  • There is no elevator.

Public Transport Directions from Schiphol can be found via ov9292, the address of the hotel is Rembrandtweg 17, 2202 AT Noordwijk. Travel time from Schiphol is slightly less than an hour: 15 - 20 minutes by train, then transfer to a bus. Other directions to the hotel can be found by either using Google Maps or the above link and then starting from your start destination.


Our goals for the week are to:

  • Grow our retrospective facilitation skills by sharing our experience and knowledge.
  • Share observations of how retrospectives have helped teams and organizations improve their effectiveness.
  • Share puzzles, strategies, activities, and stories.

Check out the 2018 gathering results on Dropbox.

What to do in the area?

Who is coming:

See 2018_attendees


Check out 2018_arrival and 2018_departure sheets to fill in your data. (Maybe you find someone who takes the same route or you can share transportation)

The opening circle is 9am on Monday morning, so we suggest arriving on Sunday evening.

The conference schedule is Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and Friday from 9am to noon.

Questions? Contact +31 6 2901 3863 +31 6 3415 8219

Open Space Laws & Principles

There's also a Slack Team Chat for RFG. Send an email to to get an invite if you want to join.

What to do or see

Hotel Zonne is located in Noordwijk. It's about 500 meters from the beach and 1 km from the town center (shopping area); both areas have restaurants for dinner (lunch is in the hotel). As it looks now we have the whole hotel booked for the RFG, no other guests during the week.

Session Results:

  • A documentation folder mainly for pictures is available on Dropbox
  • You can also find pics and comments on Twitter.
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