Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

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13th Annual Retrospective Facilitators Gathering

When: May 12-16, 2014

Where: Tiszafüred, Hungary: See on map:

Sea Tisza Balneum Hotel -

  • Getting there info (incl. Shuttle/Taxi Services): 2014_location

Our goals for the week are to:

  • Grow our retrospective facilitation skills by sharing our experience and knowledge.
  • Share observations of how retrospectives have helped teams and organizations improve their effectiveness.
  • Share puzzles, strategies, activities, and stories.


  • See 2014_attendees and Ervin Horvath (main organiser for the 2014 gathering)
  • Request an invitation from RFG2014_org @ if you'd like to join us. Space is limited.


Travel Tips:

The closest airport to Tiszafüred is Budapest Airport (BUD)

Tiszafüred is an about 2 hour drive from Budapest airport.

Check out other attractions in and around Tiszafüred


  • on the following page you can find summaries of the sessions as well as links refering to pictures and possible additional resources 2014_results
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