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7th Annual Retrospective Facilitators Gathering

When: April 13-18, 2008 Where: Ammerdown, United Kingdom (just near Bath) - @Google Maps

Our goals for the week were to:

  • Grow our retrospective facilitation skills by sharing our experiences, knowledge, puzzles, difficulties, and history.
  • Discuss the business aspects of retrospectives, both from an internal perspective and an outside-the-company perspective.
  • Chart a future for retrospectives as retrospectives become common practice.

Topics discussed:

  • The actual Schedule now contains links to session outputs
  • Prior to the gathering we had a Topic Incubator to discuss possible topics for the Open Space


  • There were 35 People Attending - including Norm Kerth (invited speaker) and Rachel Davies (main organiser for the 2008 gathering and contact for questions)



  • A LinkedIn group for Retrospectives was created
    • To join, search for “Retrospectives” and click through to the profile of a person who belongs to that group, then click the group logo (a rear-view mirror at present)
      • If someone has successfully done this, please give more detailed tips. I'm not able to find the group… ~Ilja
        • The group organiser needs to get the invite link from the groups settings page

An archive of this page has some extra details of mostly historical significance.

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