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**Sieglinde Hinger**


Siemens AG Österreich


Tel.:05 1707 47256

Fax.: 05 1707 56535

When I was young I had two big domains, in which I worked with all my strength. On one side I studied computer science during a time, when PCs where already invented and in Austria there was little money for too many computer science students. On the other side I worked as a scout master with a troop of very nice wolf cubes – this took al lot of my time, but gave me a lot of challenges, experiences and fun.

After a period of working as a software developer at SIEMENS (I got three children during this time and worked as a teacher for young scout masters in my free time) I decided to change my life. I became a facilitator of project retrospectives (and a lot of other workshops). A lot of my time takes also my work at quality assurance, organisation development and training.

Now I am a bit older and I know, that I need the experience from the old days very often in my work.

What I am interested in:

  • I want to know why things are as they are.
  • I am interested in people and in their reasons to do things.
  • I like to help people to develop their personal mastery.
  • I like to build environments where things become possible that seemed to be impossible.
  • I like to help people and systems to improve their possibilities.
  • I want to learn about me and about things around me during my work.
  • I like to understand and create systems which are abstract and fill them with life.
  • .. and a lot of other things

I like to do my work together with nice people – and there are a lot of nice people, you only have to look around. I like to make a good plan for a project and work hard for it – and then to see, how everything runs.

And if you ask me for a maxim of my life, I would say: “To leave the world a little bit better, than I found it”

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