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10th Annual Retrospective Facilitators Gathering

When: April 11-15, 2011

Where: Taos, New Mexico, USA

Our goals for the week are to:

  • t.b.d.



  • Check out 2011_arrival and 2011_departure pages to fill in your data. (Maybe you find someone who takes the same route or you can share transportation)
  • find questions that come up regularly and add your own questions at 2011_faq.
  • you can add your ideas for sessions to 2011_topic_incubator.
  • Start and end times are here 2011_schedule
  • Session results can be created and found here: 2011_results

Travel Tips:

The closest airports to Taos are:

  • ABQ Albuquerque (~2.5 hour drive from Taos) - rent a car or take a shuttle to Taos or take a taxi to the train (RailRunner) from the airport then the train to Santa Fe then a shuttle to Taos
  • DEN Denver (~5 hour drive from Taos) - car rentals & carpooling possible. No shuttle service or public transportation to Taos that I know about.
  • SAF Santa Fe (~1.5 hour drive from Taos) - limited service, usually adds greatly to the cost of flying in to either ABQ or DEN

If you aren't interested in renting a car (I usually don't), you can take a Twin Hearts Shuttle from ABQ or SAF to Taos that will drop you off right at our hotel. (Unfortunately, they don't have their own website.)

Phone: +1-575-751-1201

We've contacted Twin Hearts for information about their shuttle services that may help in your travel planning. Twin Hearts charges $90 RT or $45 1-way per person. The trip between ABQ (Albuquerque airport) and Taos takes about 2.5 - 2.75 hours (approx. the same as driving time). They leave ABQ from the lower level near baggage claim four times per day: 11:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 17:30. They return to ABQ from Taos four times a day: 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:30. We can use the transportation wiki page to coordinate shuttle service and carpooling as we get closer to the event.


  • on the following page you can find summaries of the sessions as well as links refering to pictures and possible additional resources 2011_results
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