Retrospective Facilitator Gathering

Regardless of what we discover...

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This year we met in Baden-Baden, Germany.

As every year we created as a Retrospective of the Retrospective a Map of this years Retrospective Gathering. This year we called it “RETROPELAGO”, you will find it here:RetrospectiveGatheringMap2006

Schedule / Sessions

Monday, 5th of April

Opening 2006

Get to know each other (Sieglinde)

Norm's Talk: Finding the Retrospective Shangri la

Open Space Introduction (Diana)

Tuesday, 4th of April


Selling retrospectives to organizations (Amir)

The U-procedure(Sieglinde)

Examining Retrospectives from the participants point of view (Boris)


Unlock hidden sessions for wednesday (Tim M.)

Metaphores for retrospectives (Ainsley)

How to handle short retrospectives / Practices or techniques in iteration retrospectives (Bas + Nicole)


Retros on large (+ distributed) settings (Jutta)

Tool words, weapon words (Emmanuel)

Energizing a group (Sieglinde)


New excercises for retrospectives (part 1) (Rachel)

Technical retrospectives (Richard)

What do you do when some teammembers think even a heartbeat retrospective subtracts time to the real work? (Marco)

Wednesday, 5th of April


Story telling / War stories / The Narrative Element (Charlotte)

How to effectively spread insights within a company (Gerhard A.)

Designing Training that uses simulations and retrospective techniques (Boris)


Finding the dollar value of Retrospectives (III)

Using Recognition to generate passion (Boris)

Decentralized Learning of Facilitation Skills

Thursday, 6th of April


Retrospective evaluation teqniques – RET (Mauri)

Building a Consulting Business based on Retrospectives (Ainsley)

At the end we need the commitment (Boris)

8 Barriers to effective Listening (Richard Watt)


Hunting passion and bringing it home to the group (Boris)

The Impact of Perception Types (Visual/Adio/Kinesthetic) on Facilitation (Andreas+Charlotte)

Classifying Retrospectives (Tim B.)


Futurespectives – exploring advancements (Tim M.)

Correlations between scrummaster, xp coach and facilitator (Gerhard T.)

Weapon Word Bingo


Personal Retrospectives (Ainsley)

How to be a good midwife without the experience of pregnancy (Martin)

Fantastic Flipcharts (Diana)

Friday, 7th of April


New excercises for retrospectives – Part 2 (Rachel)

Voices from the Retrospective Gathering (Ester)

How to record the gathering (Martin)


Photographers look on the world (Amir)


Retrospective of the gathering (Ainsley) RetrospectiveGatheringMap2006

Closing the gathering


BookList 2006



BorisGloger AinsleyNies AndreasBirk BasVodde
NormanKerth CharlotteMalther DianaLarsen EmmanuelGalliot
TimMackinnon EstherDerby FrowinFajtak GerhardAckermann
TimBacon GerhardTomicek HanVerveld IgorSavic
MauriMyllyaho JuttaEckstein LindaRising MartinFischer
SieglindeHinger NicoleBellios OutiSalo RachelDavies
OfraHomsky RichardWatt AmirRaveh III
MarcoAbis GeryDerbier
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