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Boris Gloger | Vienna, Lamberechtgasse 15 / 5 / 7, +43.664.500.34.36

boris2.jpg I do not want to write about my career, only because I am not only a professional, I do not want to talk only about the private Boris, because this might be to private so what can I tell you that will give you some insights about Boris.

What I think you should know about me is that I am a Philosopher, Author, Coach, Trainer and Leader of a Software Development Department at And I like cooking, writing, jogging, seeing movies (my favorites, at this moment in time are: Seven Girlfriends, Garden State, and What the Bleep do we Know?), reading, dancing Salsa and discussions about everything. I recently fall in love with Petra and I am soooo happy, right now.

My latest projects were: I wrote a movie, I am writing a book about Scrum, Leading a software development department in Vienna at, I coached a Software Development team in Karlsruhe at and I am creating a new internet home for Scrum Trainers at

borisundmais.jpg My projects for the next year are: finishing the book about Scrum, lead a new department at in Germany, organization of the Tuscany Book Project, train more people in Scrum, train coaches in Vienna and start a new book about maintenance teams and writing some articles about the effect of erotic between man and woman on teams.

My main topic in the professional world is Scrum and the application of Scrum in large organizations. I am a Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach and now I have the possibility to run a whole department and more with Scrum.

Why am I interested in Retrospectives? I believe Retrospectives as I do them within the Scrum Framework are the number one tool to implement change within a process and an organization. I use Retrospectives for learning more about the project and for improving the way we work on a continuous basis. And when I talked to Norm last year in Vienna, I started to understand that we need to look behind Retrospectives, behind the way this is working. We need to find out, what works and what works not.

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