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Topic Incubator

Use this space to let folks know what session topics you’re thinking about and see what they’re considering. What’s on your mind that would benefit from a discussion with your peers?

  • Retrospective techniques for distributed teams - Sebastian Lang
  • 'Agile Maturity Retrospectives' - Sebastian Lang
  • Retrospectives in non agile environments - Sebastian Lang
  • Top 10 reasons why retrospectives (might) fail - Sebastian Lang
  • Retrospective Worksheets - Sebastian Lang
  • Self-Retrospective (as a coach) - Sebastian Lang
  • Enterprise wide retrospectives, which include representatives from multiple parts of the organizations - Josef
  • Kaizen and retrospectives - Josef
  • Promoting useful (and actual) retrospectives in the larger Agile community - George
  • Share how you got from mulling-over-the-past retrospectives to real learning & continuous improvement - François
  • Retrospective outcomes, incentives and avoiding the please-the-facilitator trap - François
  • Role of management in retrospectives: persona non grata, onlooker (chicken), participant, or even facilitator? - François
  • Using conversation analysis (discursive psychology) to understand group interaction in retrospectives - Kristina
  • Retrospecting with Pokemons - Emmanuel
  • How to keep the spirit up, when doing retrospectives with people,who are new to agile… And doing it over and over and over - Gitte
  • Reconnaissance techniques - observe what they are not telling you - Seat orders, behavior, personality, communication - Andreas
  • What to teach new facilitators about retrospectives - Karen Greaves
  • Root cause analysis techniques (someone please explain fishbone diagrams to me, and I'll share cause and effect diagrams:) - Karen Greaves
  • Facilitation Flashcards (customer research for a new product….) - Karen Greaves
  • “w4” - Vision, Mission, Strategy and Retrospectives for personal development - Kerstin Bücher
  • Little method, great impact: The Feedback book - Kerstin Bücher
  • It's people who learn. Building a learning organization using retrospectives - Kerstin Bücher
  • Spontaneous retrospectives: how do you facilitate without preparation and material? - Marc
  • The 20 minutes micro retrospective: how to build trust and get deep in nearly no time? - Marc
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