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Frequently Asked Questions

Please add your questions below - We have started this list with some previous questions:

  1. What's the dress code? Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Casual clothes - jeans and sweatshirts should be fine but dressing up is OK too.
  2. What's the weather like? Be advised that the weather in Taos is changeable. We may have bright sunny days and/or cold snowy nights. Snow is likely. Rain is unlikely. The 10-day weather report forecasts highs around 60-68F or 16-19C and lows at freezing temps. Bring layers! See:
  3. Will I need to bring extra money with me? Taos is a shopping magnet for southwest art, jewelry, crafts, souvenirs, clothing, etc., so you will need money for those as well as for food.
  4. Will there be an on-site bar? No, the Mabel Dodge House does not have an on-site bar. However, alcohol is permitted on site, so we can supply our own or visit any of the many local bars within a bit of a walk or an easy drive. You'll need money for this too.
  5. Do I need to bring anything special with me? We encourage you to bring your personal facilitation artifacts and resources such as books, articles, and facilitation aids for our Resource Table and favorite supplies to share. However, nothing extra is required.
  6. Can I propose topics for discussion? Yes - please bring your topics to the gathering and you can begin to share your ideas on the 2011_topic_incubator.
  7. May I attend for one, two or three days? No. We are a relatively small group, and we need everyone to attend for the whole time, from the opening on Monday through the closing on Friday. In the past, we've allowed some people to attend for only part of the time, it didn't work. Each part of this event builds on what has happened earlier, and we've discovered we all benefit when we make the whole journey together. It can be a hardship for individuals, and it's better for the group as a whole. Also, since the Gathering is limited in size, each person who might attend only part of the time would keep someone who could come full time from participating.
  8. Is there wireless internet access on-site? Yes, and they assure us it will cover a group of our size. Diana has used it as an individual visiter, and it worked fine. The group load is always tricky.

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